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Digital Workflow

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Faster, Safer and More Efficient Way To Exchange And Manage Restorative Work

Step ONE. Sending Digital Impression

4D Ceramix can assist dentists who use digital impression systems. Our computer-aided technology ensures that the restorations are consistent, well-fitting and can be created from the newest materials. We accept scans from TRIOS®, PLANMECA, 3M and Carestream Dental. Once the impression is taken using a scanning unit, the data can be sent to 4D Ceramix. Please click here to find out how to send a digital case.

Step TWO. Digital Case Design

Once your scan is received, our team of dental technicians evaluate it, to verify that it is ready for production. The scans and designs are reviewed between the lab technician and dentist before production. Every scan is handled with dental design software which enables our experienced dental technicians the ability to shape every part of a restoration. Our lab experience aids every adjustment, ensuring precise fit, function and aesthetics. By doing all of this digitally, there is a guaranteed higher rate of accuracy in the final restoration, because the errors inherent to traditional impressions are completely removed.

Step THREE. Digital Production

After the digital restoration design is complete, the production team create the work based on the kind of material and restoration requested by the dentist.

Step FOUR. Case Delivery

The final stage is the packaging and delivery of the product requested by the dentist. We’ll ensure to deliver your case safely and in a timely manner.

Digital Workflow FAQ's

The systems we use all benefit from encryption to help secure patient data. You don’t have to rely on vulnerable email and you can always recover case and patient information quickly.
The software of all the systems we use is very straightforward and clinicians and practice staff can navigate them with ease.
If you are using a system we haven’t listed, please give us a call and we can help you send us a file.
For small cases, yes. A lot depends on when we receive the files and the size of the case. Once we have the files, we can advise on delivery.

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